The Work of the Cross

The Work of the Cross

By David Smith December 1, 2008


He did time, and read his Bible; three times the pages were scanned.

He realized God’s way of salvation; the Bible, God’s Word in his hand.


Time paid off in prison; his freedom in the Book he could see;

Accepted the way of salvation; the Work of the Cross paid his fee.


Tears fell that day in prison; to know he was born anew;

As far as the East from the West; Sin separated the distance, it flew.


To be taken out of prison; a stigma the world may fight;

Clothed in divine righteousness; the Cross made his path so right.


Now he carries a light; in a dim and darkened sphere;

And gives people a warning; the end is drawing near.


He had the time to think, and put his life on roll;

We have the same opportunity; the work of the Cross saves a soul.

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