Crucifixion between two Malefactors

Crucifixion between two malefactors

(Inspired by bible study November 27, 2008)

By David Smith November 28, 2008


The crucifixion of Christ between two malefactors

The centre of controversy; think of the other factors.


On display between two thieves;

A severe punishment, to only rob, I believe.


And yet Barabas a notorious criminal that kills;

He walks away, corrupt justice; man’s selfish will.


Between Christ or Barabas to set one free;

A corrupted murderer, Christ paid the fee.


Law and order, how did they decide?

God’s Word was a tool to manipulate in stride.


Without faith, impossible to please a living LORD;

KING of kings, how righteousness has soared


Whatever is honourable just and true;

Christ within for all to do.


The crucifixion of a sinless man

Paid the fee for my soul to stand.

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