Inspired by Gospel Hall

Inspired by the Gospel Hall

By David Smith January 31, 2006


The Gospel Hall, God’s word has a chime

The Bible alive, Salvation in time

The people were present; the evangelist spoke

Clear as crystal, God’s word did poke

It penetrated the Hall. God’s word was clear

People came out, Lake of Fire to fear

And “Whosoever” will no exception was heard

Including everybody, But some doubt his word

To accept his gift and be obedient to the script

To be born again, God’s way will lift


A solid hour of preaching God’s word

From Matthew and Mark and John we have heard

And Revelations, whosoever will was clear

Woven through the bible, Rejection is the fear

“Saved from What!” I heard the cry

As a tear shed from a sympathetic eye

A beautiful woman, a goddess of power

She couldn’t see Christ, His gift in that hour

How he cleansed the soul and made a sinner pure

To forgive the sin, His suffering did endure

How we are lost with the fall of man

To return to Christ if we could only take a stand

To deny the self and follow Christ

That’s the decision to decide how nice


To know the Lord and where the soul is going

The joy to keep the love a flowing

We are saved not because of how our works can be

But of amazing grace through faith unto thee

Whosoever will the invitation is out

It’s only a few where hearts rejoice and shout

Others feel they don’t need him; their righteousness is sound

They believe they have not sinned; The Lord will not put them down

Christ came for the sinner; to let the bond go free

Of all sinners Paul was chief; so there is hope for me

Once we are saved, Christ completed his part

Now it’s up to us to obey with all our heart

If you love me you will obey and feed my sheep

Meditate on God’s word; the harvest is so sweet



2 thoughts on “Inspired by Gospel Hall

  1. Dear David…This is the first time I saw this poem that you wrote.
    It is a real treasure!
    Has Grampa Yade seen it? You should give him a copy of this one!

    All I got to say is

    “The Gospel Hall,
    I have always loved it
    And now we have our own beloved Poet!!”

    What do you think of my short poem David Smith?
    Christian love, Terry

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