A Baseball Game Compares to Salvation

A Base Ball Game Compares to Salvation

By David Smith January 25, 2009


A base ball game to Christ, get back to first base;

Get back to Calvary; put the Cross in its rightful place.


That was a message at the hall that day;

As one of the brethren had something to say.


When we backslide get back to the Cross

Why we were saved must come across.


Get back to the sin and Why Christ had to die

Get back to the LORD; salvation is why


Overcome by temptation and yielding to sin

Getting back up to bat is where to begin.


Think of a baseball game and being put out

Go back to Christ; repent and shout.


To stand on the foundation, Christ is the rock.

The finished work of Calvary; the Gospel we were taught.


The Bible and Studebaker ahead of Their Time

The Bible and Studebaker ahead of their Time

By David Smith November 3, 2003

Downloaded from flickr

The Book of Proverbs ahead of its time;

People have commented, how outdated in rhyme.

The sayings that last from the beginning of life;

Preserved in the bible and documented strife.

And written about love, and encouragement, and hope

In the twenty-first century memorized to cope.

The Book of Proverbs like the Studebaker museum;

The riches within is what I am see’ n.

The cars and the trucks ahead of their while;

From stage coach’s onward Abe Lincoln drove in style.

The last vehicle pulled off the line;

In Hamilton, Ontario, the sixties was the time.

The last car now in present South Bend;

In the Studebaker museum preserved till the end.

Just like the Proverbs we memorize for strength

The Studebaker, the precision for an accurately long length.

Now the greats preserved for all time;

The bible and museum, the riches in rhyme.

So visit the museum and study God’s Word;

Learning through human weakness; His way is understood.

Foundation of Mathematics and Christ

Foundation of Mathematics and Christ

By David Smith December 13, 2008


The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides;

The father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the trilogy that abides.


We study Pythagoras old and true;

A World, the foundation continually new.


Re-taught, retold, a civilization to stand;

Think of Christ; as architect, the LORD, at God’s right hand.


Yesterday, today and forever;

Thy word to memorize and treasure.


The Word became flesh and dwell among the whosoever will

Copy His pattern, for our lives, to have the eternal thrill.


It’s all to believe; it’s all in faith;

He is the door, the author, the finisher, and the eternal gate.


The square on the hypotenuse, mathematics is clear;

To be in Christ, He will appear.

Inspired by Sunday School Picnic St George Park

Inspired by Sunday School Picnic St George Park

By David Smith July 12, 2008


For how long shall thy journey be?

A question of life for our time to see

As Nehemiah the civil servant we hear

The cup bearer for the king

His dedication was clear

A leave of absence on his journey he went

To Jerusalem, the wall, his energy was spent

He returned to the King

Twelve years had past

His journey completed, secure at last


How is our journey as our days are spent?

To return to our king as our time is lent

God knows the answer, our King of salvation

As we tread though life giving him complete dedication

O what incite as Brian Crawford gives the meaning

Our Lord and Saviour, His workmanship we are seeing.

A presentation from the Book of Nehemiah we’re told

The words of the Lord don’t let it grow old.


A Bible Lesson presented with enthusiasm and hope

Conviction and New Birth, faith in Christ to cope

Children, the foundation, the future to see

Building on Christ, God’s word for me