Foundation of Mathematics and Christ

Foundation of Mathematics and Christ

By David Smith December 13, 2008


The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides;

The father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the trilogy that abides.


We study Pythagoras old and true;

A World, the foundation continually new.


Re-taught, retold, a civilization to stand;

Think of Christ; as architect, the LORD, at God’s right hand.


Yesterday, today and forever;

Thy word to memorize and treasure.


The Word became flesh and dwell among the whosoever will

Copy His pattern, for our lives, to have the eternal thrill.


It’s all to believe; it’s all in faith;

He is the door, the author, the finisher, and the eternal gate.


The square on the hypotenuse, mathematics is clear;

To be in Christ, He will appear.

One thought on “Foundation of Mathematics and Christ

  1. Wow! David,
    This is an incredible poem.
    Those words “Yesterday, Today and Forever”….The Trinity is so clearly seen!
    Thanks!….Christian love, Terry

    PS, the math part I don’t understand. I was very bad at arithmetic in school…real bad!…Ha!

    PS…David do you think that you could write another poem about the Trinity?

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