A Baseball Game Compares to Salvation

A Base Ball Game Compares to Salvation

By David Smith January 25, 2009


A base ball game to Christ, get back to first base;

Get back to Calvary; put the Cross in its rightful place.


That was a message at the hall that day;

As one of the brethren had something to say.


When we backslide get back to the Cross

Why we were saved must come across.


Get back to the sin and Why Christ had to die

Get back to the LORD; salvation is why


Overcome by temptation and yielding to sin

Getting back up to bat is where to begin.


Think of a baseball game and being put out

Go back to Christ; repent and shout.


To stand on the foundation, Christ is the rock.

The finished work of Calvary; the Gospel we were taught.


One thought on “A Baseball Game Compares to Salvation

  1. Dear David,
    I am glad that you had your blog site written on the top of this poem, when you gave it to me last night because you did give me it to me before but I am a bad one for losing papers.
    I will put your site on my favourite links and I will be checking you for more poems…Christian love Terry

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