Filthy Rags

Filthy Rags

By David Smith June 21, 2007

An imaginary spot on a clean uniform I have heard;

Is the definition of filthy now so absurd.

To hear the definition from a godly man;

The odour and excrement and vomit if you can.

This is the composition of filthy rags;

As our own righteousness of nothing that brags.

To be clothed in His righteousness and washed by His deed;

That is what cleans us in our darkest need.

Seeing the word filthy, in the bible in print;

It’s more than a smudge made out of paper on ink.

The only way to be whiter than snow;

Washed by His Blood and in Christ to grow.


Christ in Solomon’s Temple

Christ in Solomon’s Temple

By David Smith November 12, 2008

Trees cut down, to the river they float.

Then taken up, chosen timber to promote.

Trees from Lebanon so rugged and rough;

Hewn down and planed like personalities to buff.

Humbled and rebuilt, His Workmanship we become

Solomon’s Temple, a shadow of the Righteous One.

In three days he would rise; Christ on the Cross;

The Temple within, the incarnate word comes across

We are his workmanship on a spiritual plain

The building of God’s temple; the picture is the same

We are his workmanship as he changes our will

He did it all. To obey is the thrill.

The temple, the shadow, of perfection to come

A picture of Christ, the Blessed one.

Inspired by Luke Fifteen

Inspired by Luke Fifteen

By David Smith May 22, 2008


Luke Fifteen in the Bible we turn

Parables of the Lost we continue to learn

The Lost Sheep, Lost coin and lost son we hear

Ever ending joy to be found so near

Joy after repentance and a new life to receive

Pictures a new birth, in Christ to believe

And seeing the self-righteous so arrogant and sure

The scribes and the Pharisees so puffed they endure

They don’t have the intimacy

They were never lost to be found

They never went astray

Their self-will kept them sound

The agony to be lost and the joy to be saved

The parables of the lost

We can rejoice past the grave

O what joy in the Church we can see

Reading the Chapter what Luke fifteen is telling me

God is Love

God is Love

By David Smith February 17, 2009

God is love; all faiths can agree

Then there’s obedience for you and for me.

If you love me, you will obey! Thy word is clear

Christ led to the slaughter; Lake of Fire to fear.

Obedience to death, the death of the Cross;

The ultimate sacrifice as God’s love comes across.

God is love; are you ready for the plunge

By His fruits you will know him,

The LORD; The Righteous One.

Are we ready for the Saviour: His Perfect ways to follow?

To put love into action, so it will not be vane and hollow.

Come back to the Cross, to Calvary that day

Where sin is forgiven; not our works, by the way.

God is love; a service more than lip

Once we believe; His way to flip.

That is the new meaning, where God is love

The duty, responsibility, New Birth from above.

Not a Chance


Not a Chance

By David Smith February 2, 2009


Not a chance to go to heaven, the Evangelist explained;

It is an opportunity as the Lord of LORDS is named.

He alone is the gate and the eternal door;

Not a gamble to get to heaven;

Nor works, and religion is a chore.

By faith and faith alone to hear salvation cry;

Then repent and work. God Word the reason why.

Faith in all its splendour and out of love to do.

Works are only futile; Christ paid the price, He knew

He shed His blood for my filthy sin

To deny thyself and let his spirit entre in

Works are not enough; it does not come even close

Only the Blood of Christ; a risen Lord we boast

Not a chance to get to heaven; but believe with thine own heart

Accept God’s gift of life; before you too depart.

Power in God’s Word

Power in God’s Word

Geneses 41:52 For God had caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

By David Smith February 5, 2009

For God had caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

Think of our trials at hand, when life starts a switch’en.

Bloom where we are planted, I heard the preacher say

Those bright sparks of enthusiasm may make us prosperous some day.

If we could read the Bible as the owner’s manual of life;

Put the words in action, potential with power and might.

If we could only believe and act on faith alone;

Flea from personal opinion and get off our righteous throne.

And deny thyself and obey God’s written will

Sacrifice our glory for His greatest thrill.

If we could chew the cud and digest God’s Holy Word.

Walk with cloven foot where his path is reassured.

If we can only take God’s Word as our command.

The building of a nation on the Rock to more than stand.

For God caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction;

O to wear the Scriptures. His armour let it glisten.

Interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas

By David Smith January 2, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas to Christ we must look

He is the author and finisher of the Bible, the book

A partridge in a pear tree

Christ the LORD the foundation to see

Symbolizing a hen that changes a life

To keep predators away from the chosen and right

On the second day, books old and new

The Old and New Testament as turtle doves shine through

Three French hens are Faith, Hope and Love

In Second Corinthians those symbols shine from above

Four Calling birds as the Gospel we preach

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for the world to teach

The first five books as five golden rings

Precious truth what a Saviour brings

Six geese a-laying:  six working days

Creation of the world for a Sabbath rest that pays

Seven swans a swimming, a believer can excel

Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, buoyancy quite well

Eight maids a milking; The Beatitudes so grand

Matthew Five, Three to ten, for believers to understand

Nine ladies dancing; the fruit of the Spirit

What joy in Galatians as we add here to it

Ten LORDS a leaping: the Commandments perfect and true

From Exodus the law, Christ’s perfection through

Eleven Pipers piping a pure clear sound

Eleven faithful apostles, the traitor was not around

Twelve drummers drumming: Twelve points in the Apostles Creed

How Christ was on the Cross, His finished work, our need

Humiliation and resurrection to be Lord of Lords

His crown of glory as Twelve Days of Christmas soared

The True-love is the Father who created life in glory

The symbols of Christmas; Christ tells the story