God is Love

God is Love

By David Smith February 17, 2009

God is love; all faiths can agree

Then there’s obedience for you and for me.

If you love me, you will obey! Thy word is clear

Christ led to the slaughter; Lake of Fire to fear.

Obedience to death, the death of the Cross;

The ultimate sacrifice as God’s love comes across.

God is love; are you ready for the plunge

By His fruits you will know him,

The LORD; The Righteous One.

Are we ready for the Saviour: His Perfect ways to follow?

To put love into action, so it will not be vane and hollow.

Come back to the Cross, to Calvary that day

Where sin is forgiven; not our works, by the way.

God is love; a service more than lip

Once we believe; His way to flip.

That is the new meaning, where God is love

The duty, responsibility, New Birth from above.

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