Filthy Rags

Filthy Rags

By David Smith June 21, 2007

An imaginary spot on a clean uniform I have heard;

Is the definition of filthy now so absurd.

To hear the definition from a godly man;

The odour and excrement and vomit if you can.

This is the composition of filthy rags;

As our own righteousness of nothing that brags.

To be clothed in His righteousness and washed by His deed;

That is what cleans us in our darkest need.

Seeing the word filthy, in the bible in print;

It’s more than a smudge made out of paper on ink.

The only way to be whiter than snow;

Washed by His Blood and in Christ to grow.


One thought on “Filthy Rags

  1. Inspired by an evangelist and author Robert E. Surgenor.
    He spoke at Welland Gospel Hall and gave a unique definition of the word filthy.
    His sermon was my spark of excitement for this poem.

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