Gospel Hall Bible Study Inspiration

Gospel Hall Bible Study Inspiration

By David Smith March 25, 2009

Headship and obedience to God is so good;

Men and women equal; roles to be understood.

As Christ is to God, equal; no doubt;

Yet HE prayed in subjection; the pattern throughout.

As man is to woman; equal its clear;

Subjection and head covering as Christ’s role we hear.

In the assembly; Breaking of Bread and of prayer;

Gospel and Bible studies; the time that we share.

All equally important; let us carry the thought;

Less attendance at prayer meetings; the fluctuations we’ve got.

At breaking of Bread attendance is high.

To be in prayer meetings; less attendance, we ponder the WHY?

Where Two or Three are gathered together in my name

All assembly roles are important the same.

What a Joy as we study God’s Holy Word

Inspiration through scriptures to be reassured.

O the fellowship as we enjoy Breaking of Bread,

And in prayer, as we humble our head.

Headship and obedience to be understood;

The pattern of God’s assembly; His way is good.


Pain the Motivation

Pain the Motivation

By David Smith March 18, 2009


Going for physio;  the ache and the pain;

To be in Christ; spiritual food for gain.

As joints were squeezed and pulled for cure

Trials and tribulations through Christ we endure.


The pain unbearable so the joint can move

As we go through life as hinges slide in the groove.

And in Christ to resist temptation

As we deny thyself for His gratification.


O the similarities to be motivated by pain

To trust in Christ for eternity to gain.

The Lake of Fire, the eternal hell.

The saviour of sorrows,

To heal so well.





Redeemed by the Lamb

Redeemed by the Lamb

By David Smith November 20, 2007


Inspired by Exodus 34:20 But the firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb: and if thou redeem him  not, then shalt thou break his neck. All the firstborn of thy sons thou shalt redeem. And none shall appear before me empty.


To be redeemed by the lamb

The jack ass stubborn for sure

The lamb is the sacrifice

So the ass can endure

The lamb is the substitute for that stubborn creature

The symbol of humanity; We are that feature

And so the Lamb, Christ is the one

The Lamb of God; His begotten son

He is our substitute so we can live

The Lamb of God, our soul to give

Without a lamb; the donkey is dead

A broken neck to separate from his head

We, as the donkey, are dead in sin

Without the Lamb of God; to purify us within

To bring to the Table, to the father, above

Our affection, in worship, for the LORD that we love

That is revealed in Exodus Thirty-four

Illustrations of Christ

There is so much more

The bible is deep

Illustrations are grand

The Holy Spirit sheds new light to understand

Tribute to Philemon

Tribute to Philemon

By David Smith August 5, 2006


Paul to a brother a believer so grand

He wrote to Philemon, Paul’s letter at hand

About a slave Onesimus was his name

Who stole from his master and forfeited the game

He met up with Paul; who knew the slave

Who knew the master, the situation looked grave

He took in Onesimus, a slave to be free

Paul poured out salvation and testimony for he

Onesimus lapped it up like a big thirsty sponge

Christ born within, to the New Birth did plunge

Paul wrote that letter to Philemon one day

Salvation was sown, the new nature under way

To treat Onesimus as a brother, not as deserved

From a run away slave, to a new birth was heard

Went back to his master

Philemon was his name

Handed the letter to forgive the shame

Have you heard it before, the Prodigal Son?

Went home to his dad, new ground was won

The concepts are striking with relationship grand

Biblical truths as believers understand

Moses as a Shadow of Christ

Moses as a Shadow of Christ

By David Smith March 2, 2009

Between God and Man as Moses once stood;

On Mt Sinai for forty days as he would.

The people rebelled. The Golden Calf came alive.

Idolatry and sin flourished and thrived.

They forgot about Moses as if he was not coming back;

With the Ten Commandments to keep the chosen people on track.

It’s brought up again in the New Testament we read;

Jesus the mediator so faithful in deed.

Keep preaching the second coming, repetition far and wide;

Keep believers focused on Christ to abide.

Do not dismiss the rapture and end times;

Passion and motivation to keep the Cross in mind.

Like a wonderful bride on Christ’s return;

The Church, the believers, anticipation we learn.

All from the study after the Breaking of bread;

The Word of the LORD to keep believers nourished and fed.