Moses as a Shadow of Christ

Moses as a Shadow of Christ

By David Smith March 2, 2009

Between God and Man as Moses once stood;

On Mt Sinai for forty days as he would.

The people rebelled. The Golden Calf came alive.

Idolatry and sin flourished and thrived.

They forgot about Moses as if he was not coming back;

With the Ten Commandments to keep the chosen people on track.

It’s brought up again in the New Testament we read;

Jesus the mediator so faithful in deed.

Keep preaching the second coming, repetition far and wide;

Keep believers focused on Christ to abide.

Do not dismiss the rapture and end times;

Passion and motivation to keep the Cross in mind.

Like a wonderful bride on Christ’s return;

The Church, the believers, anticipation we learn.

All from the study after the Breaking of bread;

The Word of the LORD to keep believers nourished and fed.


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