Tribute to Philemon

Tribute to Philemon

By David Smith August 5, 2006


Paul to a brother a believer so grand

He wrote to Philemon, Paul’s letter at hand

About a slave Onesimus was his name

Who stole from his master and forfeited the game

He met up with Paul; who knew the slave

Who knew the master, the situation looked grave

He took in Onesimus, a slave to be free

Paul poured out salvation and testimony for he

Onesimus lapped it up like a big thirsty sponge

Christ born within, to the New Birth did plunge

Paul wrote that letter to Philemon one day

Salvation was sown, the new nature under way

To treat Onesimus as a brother, not as deserved

From a run away slave, to a new birth was heard

Went back to his master

Philemon was his name

Handed the letter to forgive the shame

Have you heard it before, the Prodigal Son?

Went home to his dad, new ground was won

The concepts are striking with relationship grand

Biblical truths as believers understand

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