Pain the Motivation

Pain the Motivation

By David Smith March 18, 2009


Going for physio;  the ache and the pain;

To be in Christ; spiritual food for gain.

As joints were squeezed and pulled for cure

Trials and tribulations through Christ we endure.


The pain unbearable so the joint can move

As we go through life as hinges slide in the groove.

And in Christ to resist temptation

As we deny thyself for His gratification.


O the similarities to be motivated by pain

To trust in Christ for eternity to gain.

The Lake of Fire, the eternal hell.

The saviour of sorrows,

To heal so well.






2 thoughts on “Pain the Motivation

  1. hi david smith..
    well here i am finally commenting,
    i have to favour my left arm so that is why i am typing
    small letters.
    i think i was at the meeting which gave you the inspiration for this poem.
    it is soooo good…..

  2. sorry about that…i commented on the wrong poem, but i guess that’s ok.
    i hope that your hand is feeling better.
    the pain you had with it sure made you turn out a great poem.
    i am having pain with this pace maker operation and i just tend to complain,
    leona will be picking me up for meeting this sunday morning.
    i cant drive for about another four weeks..
    see you sunday

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