Gospel Hall Bible Study Inspiration

Gospel Hall Bible Study Inspiration

By David Smith March 25, 2009

Headship and obedience to God is so good;

Men and women equal; roles to be understood.

As Christ is to God, equal; no doubt;

Yet HE prayed in subjection; the pattern throughout.

As man is to woman; equal its clear;

Subjection and head covering as Christ’s role we hear.

In the assembly; Breaking of Bread and of prayer;

Gospel and Bible studies; the time that we share.

All equally important; let us carry the thought;

Less attendance at prayer meetings; the fluctuations we’ve got.

At breaking of Bread attendance is high.

To be in prayer meetings; less attendance, we ponder the WHY?

Where Two or Three are gathered together in my name

All assembly roles are important the same.

What a Joy as we study God’s Holy Word

Inspiration through scriptures to be reassured.

O the fellowship as we enjoy Breaking of Bread,

And in prayer, as we humble our head.

Headship and obedience to be understood;

The pattern of God’s assembly; His way is good.

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