Inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes

Inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes

By David Smith September 1, 2006

Water to vapour and clouds to sea

Rain to oceans, cycles that be

Proven in science, now listen close

Wisdom from the bible, inspiration to boast

In the Book of Ecclesiastes

A time for everything we hear

Imagine the Bible, God’s Word to appear

All the rivers run into the sea. Yet the sea is not full. Unto the place where the river once come hither they return again”

There’s no indication that the world is flat

The reasoning of man was on the wrong track

“One generation passeth away

And another generation cometh

But the earth abideth for ever”

Man stroked pen to page, but God’s word is cleaver

“The wind goeth toward the south and turnith about unto the north. It whirleth about continually. And the wind returneth again according to his circuits”

As the earth orbits the sun, circuits and cycles are rolled into one

God’s Word for the past, the future to see

And in the present, thy word is for me

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