Take Warning

Take Warning

By David Smith April 15, 2009

Great-Grand-mothers and grandmothers and parents that fade;

Every generation, new achievements are made.

As life cycles change from the old to the new;

Dealing with death and bereavement

The pain we all go through.

Every generation picks up the slack.

The Bible the Book read from front cover to the back.

That is the hope; the meaning of life

God’s Word alone will eliminate strife.

As each generation fades all around;

The Word of the Lord keeps emotions sound.

That blessed hope; focus every day.

Thy word to build on for a foundation to stay.

As everything changes accept Bible verses so clear;

Dwell on the constant; wrath of God to fear.

Now to the Gospel Meeting last Sunday night

Warnings we hear, listen to the fright.

Cars now have mirrors for the warnings to see.

Cars come from nowhere

Warnings for you and for me.

And earthquakes predicted; yet told not to expose.

Add panic to the multitude in the newspaper we were told.

Then to the Bible; heaven and hell is so real.

Yet no one wants to believe how a saviour can heal

And so take warning; your eternity is at stake

Consumed by fire;

What door will you take?

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