First Five Books compares to Last Five Books

First Five books compares to Last Five Books

Inspired by Bob Surgenor

By David Smith May 28, 2009

The Church is one foundation, eternal without end

In the beginning, God; the Word; as flesh

The Father did send.

In the beginning; the word and it became flesh we hear

What an awesome God so vivid and so clear.

Moses laid the foundation, the first five books we read.

John put on the roof. Finished, was Christ’s deed.

As John’s pen came to rest.

Nothing to be added; God’s word is blessed.

The last five books are credited to John.

In the beginning, the word, the foundation love song

Four rives flow out of the Garden of Eden.

Just like the Gospel. Illustrations of Christ to be see’n.

And like the Gospel, as one Book is unique.

Just like the river one parallels so deep

As that river flows on its journey it parallels with John;

Bit different, and unique, but hits the same eternal song.

Seeing all the parallels of stories scattered throughout.

To only believe the bible. Let His evidence shout.

As the bible comes to light, my enthusiasm burns.

All the passion of God’s word;

Walk, His way and learn.

So we see the bible from beginning to end time

All the pages in between, to claim the Saviour mine.

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