The Spanish Gospel Meeting

The Spanish Gospel Meeting

By David Smith May 24, 2009


The bilingual service started that Sunday Night

He spoke with conviction. Words flowed so right.


The rhythm, the beat, and the cadence was grand.

The audience was captivated in the palm of his hand.


Emphasis was there, hand gestures made sense;

He spoke with authority; the message was intense.


The Spirit of God moved throughout.

Honesty and sincerity; the truth hung about.


The message was clear; the assembly was quiet.

As he spoke in Spanish; to elevate Christ to the Highest.


He loves me too; Sacrificed for me.

Faith alone; God’s salvation is free.


O what a message more than tongue can tell.

Believe his way or eternity in Hell.


His voice was quiet; his conclusion was calm

Finally; the decision;

O Happy Day was the song.

One thought on “The Spanish Gospel Meeting

  1. Blessings be encouraged!

    I am part of a small Spanish meeting Asamblea which has recently joined
    Lake Howell Bible Chapel!

    Was saved as a young child at the Tarpon Springs Gospel Hall now Holiday Gospel Assembly, Florida!

    Blessings be encouraged!
    Dios Bendiga

    Gerald Landis aka Jerry Landiis

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