Lake of Fire is Real

Lake of Fire is Real

By David Smith May 29, 2009

Who was not found in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.

If there is nothing to be saved from: Why elevate salvation higher?

On the Cross, the suffering, the death and the shame

If no heaven or hell: Why would a Lord sacrifice in vain.

If everything is man-made: we are corrupt.

To create a God and lie; man’s heart will destruct.

Since Christ died for the sinner; and salvation is free.

Lake of Fire is real. There is Blessed Hope for you and me.

To be found in the Book of Life as we scan God’s Holy Word;

Perfect without sin; God’s standards appear so absurd.

All have sinned and fallen short of His Glory.

The wages of sin is death; Christ became the sacrifice

The Good News; the Gospel Story.

Lake of Fire is real; let’s focus on Christ.

Faith alone; salvation His way; that will suffice.

With His fingers he put the stars in place.

The Law, the Ten Commandments;

The perfect law we must face.

The works of the law; we became the slave.

To admit the guilt we live past the grave.

To only accept his finished work on the cross.

He did it all; his bountiful love comes across.

Only believe, though faith alone.

Works will follow; as he guides his own.

Who was not found in the book of Life was cast out.

Now is the time to let the Gospel shout.


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