The Animal Kingdom Relates to Christ

The Animal Kingdom Relates To Christ

By David Smith June 17, 2009


The Old Testament is but a shadow of the New.

The shadow of Christ; the substance so true.

A shadow made up of Substance and light.

A picture of Christ so clear and so bright.


We have the lamb. The Lamb of God is real.

Isaac takes the knife; the agony he did feel.

A lamb was given, the substitute for his son.

The LORD Jesus, the substitute, becomes the Blessed One.


The Lamb of God from Geneses through Revelation

The shedding of blood since Man’s fall after creation.

Sin takes its toll in Adam and Eve.

Throughout history a loving God we deceive.


It’s really ourselves as we study His way.

The perfect example to emulate each day.

O what a joy the animal kingdom gives.

A substitute for sin; so my soul can live.


Christ on the Cross. It is finished was his cry.

He did it all.

Faith alone,

God’s pattern is “Why”

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