An Act of God

An Act of God

By David Smith July 3, 2009

“An Act of God,” I heard her say

As fire raged through her town one day.

And Act of God, as I dwell on the pain.

When is Man responsible?

Who else can he blame?

We pollute our rivers and mow down our trees.

And bring Mother Nature to humble knees.

And the gall to say, “An Act of God!”

Our sinful nature is what we applaud.

Sin City and what’s in it for me.

Glorifying Man and nailing Christ to a tree.

When it’s convenient,

It’s an act we are not responsible for.

We never think of the consequences

And what punishment is in store.

“An Act of God” and “Lake of Fire” is real.

The endless pain, the agony, we have every right to feel.

By Faith and Faith alone; and by His saving Grace

“An Act of God;” we decide which direction to face.

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