Golden Rings Inspired at Gospel Hall

golden ringsGolden Rings Inspired at Gospel Hall

By David Smith October 21, 2006



Golden rings bombarded my thoughts

The weather, the sermon

That James Smith had brought

The Ring of Son ship

The prodigal son so clear

His father ran out, a kiss so dear

A ring of son ship on his hand was placed

An inheritance from the father with love and grace

The ring of Lordship

When Joseph we read

Distributing food becomes his deed

A Pharaoh, a Lord to go to Him

For daily bread, a famine was in

The ring of security on the breast plate so grand

To hold and protect a secure place to stand

The rings on the Ark responsibility in place

To be saved in Christ a service to face

The tabernacle, the alter, a cross to bear

What a service for love to share

The wedding ring in continuous motion

A family in love with true devotion

All the rings through the bible we read

Commitment and responsibility a Christian deed

Lord of the rings a deeper meaning

Picturing Christ eternal trust to be seeing

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