Inspired by a Lawyer

lawyerInspired by a Lawyer

By David Smith August 9, 2006

A lawyer comes in with his flattened bow-tie;

Pomp and ceremony, as righteousness, is adhered by;

The formal drab, in the righteousness of the crown;

As scribes and Pharisees, so legally bound.

Christ brings forgiveness, love through faith, to obey;

Not iron fisted, to manipulate truth, all day;

Seeing the pomp, and the ceremonial robe;

Putting on Christ, as the obedience of Job;

And being forgiven, not by the law;

The cross, the blood, the suffering, I saw;

The black robe is the judgment;

Imperfection is my name;

Christ paid my ransom, and bore all my shame;

Now it’s a commitment;

The Gospel, to every creature;

Being born a new, a commandment, from the teacher.


One thought on “Inspired by a Lawyer

  1. Hi David,

    Miss you this week. I started to write. not poem as you do but just journal.
    I may keep my memories and help to organize my thought.

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