Observing Religion

Observing Religion

By David Smith August 15, 2009


Black hat and tails, white shirts we see

The formal attire is well beyond me

They come in for their meeting; in the rise of the day

Looking important, to face God, by the way.


The formal attire, righteousness before him

A Holy God; our corruption and sin

They wear white robes to cover the black

The righteousness of Christ is what is on track.


To cover the sin; the purity and white

The sacrifice of the Lamb; God’s gift is right.

We can’t see the connection; the pattern of the King.

The Creator the Resurrection; Salvation did bring.


The pictures are vivid, the stories are clear.

Faith alone; what are people missing here?

And so the ritual, Man’s religion and way

Christ did it all; On the Cross that day.

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