Poetry Provokes Passion

Poetry Provokes Passion

By David Smith September 30, 2009

Poetry provokes passion as the Bible is read.

It’s the true Word of God that keeps us fed.

Reading the poetry as opinions are swayed.

It is God Word alone

His way is paved.

Look at the poetry and study the verse.

The Inspired Scripture; that should come first.

My opinions are not important; but Thy Word is clear;

That’s the authority to hold so dear.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee;

The inspired teaching for you and for me.

Study the scripture line upon line.

Precept upon precept; set aside the time.


The Heart is Deceitful and Desperately Wicked

The Heart is Deceitful and Desperately Wicked

By David Smith September 29, 2009

If you could read my mind between Bible verses and the LORD

A heart full of sinful thoughts, as imagination is explored.

To change those thoughts and focus on the Creator and His Word.

Christ is the blessed hope to be reassured.

And to stay on focus; with temptation everywhere.

King David had his thoughts with Bathsheba looking there.

And so we see the hope and the Glorious appearing.

Focus on the light; through prayer and believing.

If you could read my mind between Bible verses and temptation;

Prayer is my only strength; with great anticipation.

The Cross; His finished work, complete, stands alone.

Clothed in His righteousness

His saving grace; to personally own.

Ready for Heaven But Not Fit

Ready for Heaven but Not Fit

By David Smith September 23, 2009


Ready for heaven?  Salvation is clear;

Christ paid the price on the Cross; have no fear.


By no means fit; a humble man as I;

My righteousness alone;

As filthy rags; the evangelist did cry.


Ready, but not fit;

Though the Work of the Cross, alone; salvation is the hit.


My body has an age. My mind is immature.

My heart is deceitful; and yet a desire to be pure.


The body slowly dying; the mind to dwell on God;

And a heart for Christ; temptation, that I rob.


To be ready for heaven, and not to be fit.

Held back by sin and corruption; to decay as I sit.


Through His work alone; I can’t possibly pay the price.

By His saving grace, faith will suffice.

Prisoner of Christ

prison barsPrisoner of Christ

By David Smith September 23, 2009

The Twenty-third of September Nineteen Eighty-eight;

The day of my arrest, determined my fate.

Knew I was a sinner;

Confirmation was clear.

False charges mixed with truth,

Reputation was a smear.

Knowing change is needed; and to be rebuilt.

O what a joy as circumstances permit.

To build a new life with humble beginning.

Count it all joy when life gives us a trimming.

Whatever is honourable, just and true.

Dwell on God’s WORD, all we can do.

That is the fertilizer as life challenges our thoughts.

Trust in the LORD; repent a lot.

Salvation comes first;

Works will follow.

September Twenty-third; in God’s hand for tomorrow.

That’s what it means to be born a new

The way of the Cross;

His way is true.

To handle the rejection; a Saviour took my place.

Believe with thine heart;

Clothed in His righteousness we face.

The Bible Points the Way

The Bible Points the Way

By David Smith September 14, 2009

The Bible Points the Way

We can see two different illustrations, with two points of view.

Not that one has lied; but, what one is referring to.

The Bible may have a worldly meaning;

When we focus on ourselves, to a sinful world deceiving;

Focus on the author, the finisher of the faith.

The LORD who wrote the Bible, inspired by his grace.

When we study scriptures though a believer’s eyes;

Then we see the Cross; What a Saviour justifies.

By His works alone, on the cross he cries;

Being totally consumed; the world believes he dies.

Believers see the tomb; and a risen LORD;

He is the Living Word, a piercing two-edged sword;

All the precious promises; the living bread we feed;

The bread, the Living Water; to thirst, my greatest need;

We see two different roads; the Cross as plain as day.

“It is finished!” was his final cry;

He really is the way.

Traditions of God and Man

Traditions of God and Man

Inspired by Welland Gospel Hall September 16, 2009

Three traditions we heard last night;

The bible verses, fit so right.

Like learning blocks, the Word of the LORD;

Every line, every precept, comprehension has soared.

Three traditions: Religious, Apostolic, and Example

To walk God’s way; for his knowledge, we are thankful.

Religious: where man’s way takes priority.

Can sway and influence the fickle majority.

Traditions of holy days and bull runs in Spain;

Very attractive, for man’s glory and gain.

Apostolic tradition: where God’s way is handed down;

Passed on to the apostles, in the epistles, they are found.

The tradition of following a pattern or example;

In Christ alone, we are more than ample.

It all rests on tradition, first mention, we hear.

Prove it with scripture, it becomes so clear,

If it glorifies man, Christ takes a back seat.

Slips in the world and corruption we reap.

Follow the example laid out by God.

Biblical truths we can applaud.

That was absorbed from the meeting last night.

Biblical truths, doctrine, embraced so tight.

Christ is the Answer

Christ is the Answer

By David Smith July 30, 2008

A gloomy day, as rain falls like tears

A relationship full, of anxiety and fears

As people hit heads, like clouds that bump

The stubborn wills, as clouds start to dump

The turbulent waters, the inner sea

To be anchored in stability, is where I must be

Don’t rock the boat

Faith is the way

Our Lord walked, across, on the water, that day

Peter fell short, his faith was weak

In God’s hand, eternal power, to reap

Whatever is honourable; and just and true

Dwell on these things; a passion so new

The anxieties of this world; a dark sinful night

Dwell on the hope; light shines so bright

That is the answer with things of concern

Lessons in Scriptures

We too can learn