Noah’s Ark an Illustration of Christ

Noah’s Ark an Illustration of Christ

By David Smith September 07, 2009


A picture of the Lord Jesus is Noah’s Ark

It fits in well; how light shines in the dark

Long and narrow and vast and wide

Noah’s Ark, salvation, to abide

The cleansing waters for forty days the flood;

The pitch for leaks atonement did rub;

The door to the Ark as animals strolled in;

Christ is the door; the shelter from sin.

The cleansing water as the flood did rise

The darkness, the sin, so much to despise.

The Ark, salvation, for new ness of life

Baptism was there, a new world so bright.

On the other side of the flood and the hate

A new birth as Jesus becomes the gate;

So here we stare at the sign of the cross

The door is open to come across.

I am the way the truth and the life

Step from the darkness and into the light.

Noah’s Ark is a  picture of Christ.

All the stories fit the theme so nice.

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