The Bible Points the Way

The Bible Points the Way

By David Smith September 14, 2009

The Bible Points the Way

We can see two different illustrations, with two points of view.

Not that one has lied; but, what one is referring to.

The Bible may have a worldly meaning;

When we focus on ourselves, to a sinful world deceiving;

Focus on the author, the finisher of the faith.

The LORD who wrote the Bible, inspired by his grace.

When we study scriptures though a believer’s eyes;

Then we see the Cross; What a Saviour justifies.

By His works alone, on the cross he cries;

Being totally consumed; the world believes he dies.

Believers see the tomb; and a risen LORD;

He is the Living Word, a piercing two-edged sword;

All the precious promises; the living bread we feed;

The bread, the Living Water; to thirst, my greatest need;

We see two different roads; the Cross as plain as day.

“It is finished!” was his final cry;

He really is the way.


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