Traditions of God and Man

Traditions of God and Man

Inspired by Welland Gospel Hall September 16, 2009

Three traditions we heard last night;

The bible verses, fit so right.

Like learning blocks, the Word of the LORD;

Every line, every precept, comprehension has soared.

Three traditions: Religious, Apostolic, and Example

To walk God’s way; for his knowledge, we are thankful.

Religious: where man’s way takes priority.

Can sway and influence the fickle majority.

Traditions of holy days and bull runs in Spain;

Very attractive, for man’s glory and gain.

Apostolic tradition: where God’s way is handed down;

Passed on to the apostles, in the epistles, they are found.

The tradition of following a pattern or example;

In Christ alone, we are more than ample.

It all rests on tradition, first mention, we hear.

Prove it with scripture, it becomes so clear,

If it glorifies man, Christ takes a back seat.

Slips in the world and corruption we reap.

Follow the example laid out by God.

Biblical truths we can applaud.

That was absorbed from the meeting last night.

Biblical truths, doctrine, embraced so tight.

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