Prisoner of Christ

prison barsPrisoner of Christ

By David Smith September 23, 2009

The Twenty-third of September Nineteen Eighty-eight;

The day of my arrest, determined my fate.

Knew I was a sinner;

Confirmation was clear.

False charges mixed with truth,

Reputation was a smear.

Knowing change is needed; and to be rebuilt.

O what a joy as circumstances permit.

To build a new life with humble beginning.

Count it all joy when life gives us a trimming.

Whatever is honourable, just and true.

Dwell on God’s WORD, all we can do.

That is the fertilizer as life challenges our thoughts.

Trust in the LORD; repent a lot.

Salvation comes first;

Works will follow.

September Twenty-third; in God’s hand for tomorrow.

That’s what it means to be born a new

The way of the Cross;

His way is true.

To handle the rejection; a Saviour took my place.

Believe with thine heart;

Clothed in His righteousness we face.

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