Faith Rides the Rails

Faith Rides the Rails

by David Smith October 24, 2009

Eyeing the train, the click on the track;

A hypnotic movement forward and back;

The train of destination; the sounds as it moves;

The lights on the wigwag; the wheels in the grove.

Box cars and tankers; and then it’s the end.

No caboose, no closure, no warning to send.

Like life riding the rails and then an abrupt halt.

When Christ is not preached it becomes my fault.

At the end of the journey Lake of Fire is real.

It’s nothing man made nor how we may feel.

It’s all written out in black and in white

And being commissioned, evangelists spread the light.

The train on a journey; so is the soul.

Believe with thine heart; put faith on a roll.

The train has an engine. Christ is the light.

All the cars follow through the darkest of night.

The living stones as the box cars that fit on his track

Taylor made for perfection. The journey the map.

Eyeing the train, and the ring of the bell

With Christ in the heart, saved from living hell.


Cross, Crook and Crown

Cross, Crook and Crown

(Inspired by Psalms 22, 23 and 24)

By David Smith August 26, 2007


The Cross, Crook and Crown

Psalms twenty two, three and four are so profound

The Cross, the pain, the distress is real

Hopelessness and death, depression we feel

The Crook, the staff, the shepherd we want

He restores the soul, no further pleasure to hunt

To dwell in the House of the Living God

What potential for a soul to applaud

The Earth is the LORD’s and all therein

That is the Crown where Christ is King

The LORD strong and mighty the Battle is won

Cross, Crook and Crown, the victory of the Son

The three psalms as a threefold cord

There is strength and Power in the Word of the LORD

Christ is My Defence

Christ is My Defence

By David Smith October 13, 2009

The Cornerstone

We all have different skills,

Different abilities;

And different thrills.

All diverse uniqueness has a special place

Living stones; the Coroner Stone to embrace.

That is the joy; as living stones we become.

Faith and obedience to the Blessed One;

So be peculiar and zealous of good works

Recognized as Christian the world sees the quirks.

That is the foundation and that’s how we fit

The Living Word and how we adhere to it.

That is the reality; lived on both sides of the fence.

To be in Christ;

He’s my defence.

It’s all in the Blood

It’s All in the Blood

By David Smith October 3, 2009

Without the shedding of the Blood there is no remission

Without the Gospel, The Good News; there is no commission.

Go ye into the world to preach the Gospel to every creature.

Study God’s way, Christ is the teacher.

Religion is a work: our righteousness as filthy rags.

Trusting my own righteousness; a world and how it brags.

The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.

The finished work of the cross; that’s where Christianity begins.

Take the Blood of the Lamb; the Passover in Moses’ day.

“When I see the Blood I will pass over” He did say.

That is only a shadow of greater things to come.

The Lord Jesus Christ; He is the Blessed one.

It’s not in a Church or the good works we perform.

Christ did it all; throughout scriptures we are warned.

It’s through his blood the sacrifice; we know not what we do

We are forgiven; his Blood will make us new.



By David Smith March 29, 2001

Photo by kalandrakas

Do not let worry rob you of tomorrow

It robs you of today’s strength, What a sorrow.

We worry about what tomorrow may bring.

Yet realize God is in charge of everything.

The lilies of the field and plants and animals reproduce.

We are more important and God provides for our use.

Since God has created life.

We need not worry in strife.

God will provide us with all necessities

For we are his very important delicacies.

We have all the provision that God has given.

It is up to us to continue liv’n .

While we were yet sinners, Christ died there for me.

He took our worries to set all people free.

Convinced Converted Convicted

Convinced Converted Convicted

By David Smith February 20, 2008

Scriptural Text

Matthew 7:24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

Matthew 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Convinced, converted, convicted we did hear

Woven through the sermon so the Lord Jesus would appear

Christ is the rock on a foundation we stand

A foolish man built his house upon the sand

The rains came down and the house fell flat

Handling circumstances, the foundation of Christ is where it is at

He is the rock; now to build on him

We need to be convinced, for His Spirit to enter in

Once we are convinced; converted we become

As we believe his way. He is the only one

The path, the walk, to meditate and do

Once we are converted, we are born a new

What an inspiration led by the Word of the LORD

We are convicted as we use his two edged sword

God’s Word alone and convinced by his infinite love

Fiery darts of the wicked we can confidently shove

The three “C’s” we heard last night

Convinced, converted, convicted spoken with power and might