Faith Rides the Rails

Faith Rides the Rails

by David Smith October 24, 2009

Eyeing the train, the click on the track;

A hypnotic movement forward and back;

The train of destination; the sounds as it moves;

The lights on the wigwag; the wheels in the grove.

Box cars and tankers; and then it’s the end.

No caboose, no closure, no warning to send.

Like life riding the rails and then an abrupt halt.

When Christ is not preached it becomes my fault.

At the end of the journey Lake of Fire is real.

It’s nothing man made nor how we may feel.

It’s all written out in black and in white

And being commissioned, evangelists spread the light.

The train on a journey; so is the soul.

Believe with thine heart; put faith on a roll.

The train has an engine. Christ is the light.

All the cars follow through the darkest of night.

The living stones as the box cars that fit on his track

Taylor made for perfection. The journey the map.

Eyeing the train, and the ring of the bell

With Christ in the heart, saved from living hell.


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