Not Being Fed!

Not Being Fed

Inspired by Bible Study Meeting @ Gospel Hall

Not Being Fed (Click to hear the Bible Poet)

By David Smith November 28, 2009

Not being fed! Like starving to death in a grocery store.

The Bread from Heaven;

Refusing to listen too; more and more.

Not being fed! Only the excuse.

The lusts of the world; priorities are in use.

Not being fed! Bible full of dust.

We blame the assembly; outside the camp we may fuss.

Not being fed! Finally, the answer’s within me.

When eyes are opened then we can see.

Not being fed! At Gospel Hall that night.

The nurturing food as we absorb God’s light.

That’s what I got;

The meaning is clear.

Not being fed! Our responsibility to draw near.


Power in God’s Word

Power in God’s Word

Geneses 41:52 For God had caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

By David Smith February 5, 2009

For God had caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

Think of our trials at hand, when life starts a switch’en.

Bloom where we are planted, I heard the preacher say

Those bright sparks of enthusiasm may make us prosperous some day.

If we could read the Bible as the owner’s manual of life;

Put the words in action, potential with power and might.

If we could only believe and act on faith alone;

Flea from personal opinion and get off our righteous throne.

And deny thyself and obey God’s written will

Sacrifice our glory for His greatest thrill.

If we could chew the cud and digest God’s Holy Word.

Walk with cloven foot where his path is reassured.

If we can only take God’s Word as our command.

The building of a nation on the Rock to more than stand.

For God caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction;

O to wear the Scriptures. His armour let it glisten.

The Bible Completely Read

The Bible Completely Read

By David Smith December 30, 2008

The Bible was read from Cover to Cover,

Three readings a day as the spirit did wander.

Biblical truths shone so bright,

Revealing my sin in the darkest of night.

Faith is the answer, for my soul to know;

The work of the cross, that grain of faith to grow.

Studying the truths and illustrations of Christ;

Light of the world in the darkest of night.

So the Bible as crimson is read

The Body of Christ, the daily bread.

Inspired by Luke

Inspired by Luke Fifteen

By David Smith May 22, 2008

Luke Fifteen in the Bible we turn

Parables of the Lost we continue to learn

The Lost Sheep, Lost coin and lost son we hear

Ever ending joy to be found so near

Joy after repentance and a new life to receive

Pictures a new birth, in Christ to believe

And seeing the self-righteous so arrogant and sure

The scribes and the Pharisees so puffed they endure

They don’t have the intimacy

They were never lost to be found

They never went astray

Their self-will kept them sound

The agony to be lost and the joy to be saved

The parables of the lost

We can rejoice past the grave

O what joy in the Church we can see

Reading the Chapter what Luke fifteen is telling me

His Workmanship

His Workmanship

By David Smith November 26, 2009

Jaws like teeth as it smashes and shakes

A building hammered to the ground;

The progress it makes.

Put into a truck, the rubble and grind;

Only a memory that is left behind.

Earth movers hit hard, Mighty machines of steel;

Hydraulic lifts and turntable to wheel.

All the technology to tear down a place;

Think of the hope, new life to embrace.

An earthen vessel as vulnerable as I

And subject to sin, circumstances make us cry.

To be rebuilt, after we’re broken and torn.

A spiritual house, Faith in a person to be reborn.

A living hope and glorious appearing;

To be in Christ; this world is deceiving.

An inheritance incorruptible, that fadeth not away.

We are his workmanship; What the Gospel has to say.