The Bible Completely Read

The Bible Completely Read

By David Smith December 30, 2008

The Bible was read from Cover to Cover,

Three readings a day as the spirit did wander.

Biblical truths shone so bright,

Revealing my sin in the darkest of night.

Faith is the answer, for my soul to know;

The work of the cross, that grain of faith to grow.

Studying the truths and illustrations of Christ;

Light of the world in the darkest of night.

So the Bible as crimson is read

The Body of Christ, the daily bread.

One thought on “The Bible Completely Read

  1. I finished reading a Bible last week. It took me 4 years to do it. Even I skipped Palms (I’m reading it now hoping to finish in this year). I wanted to get the whole pictures of the Bible. It’s quite different to read it by myself that to be taught without reading. Somebody says it’s disturbing (he means in a good sense, though). I agree, too. It’s stirring to revoke thoughts. I want it leads me to act after that.

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