Not Being Fed!

Not Being Fed

Inspired by Bible Study Meeting @ Gospel Hall

Not Being Fed (Click to hear the Bible Poet)

By David Smith November 28, 2009

Not being fed! Like starving to death in a grocery store.

The Bread from Heaven;

Refusing to listen too; more and more.

Not being fed! Only the excuse.

The lusts of the world; priorities are in use.

Not being fed! Bible full of dust.

We blame the assembly; outside the camp we may fuss.

Not being fed! Finally, the answer’s within me.

When eyes are opened then we can see.

Not being fed! At Gospel Hall that night.

The nurturing food as we absorb God’s light.

That’s what I got;

The meaning is clear.

Not being fed! Our responsibility to draw near.

2 thoughts on “Not Being Fed!

    • I got into Google Search. Clicked on Images and typed in “Bible full of dust” Scanned all the pictures and found one that best suited the theme to the poem.

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