Ministry Meeting at Gospel Hall

Ministry Meeting at Gospel Hall

(Inspired by Eric Fowler)

Ministry Meeting a Gospel Hall (Click in RED to hear the voice of the Bible Poet)

By David Smith December 27, 2009

In Matthew we hear, the Jew is in view;

In Mark to the Romans; the Perfect servant through;

Luke to the Greek; the doctor, we hear;

The healing by faith, pictures of Christ do appear.

John’s Gospel; the world is in mind

Whosoever will; the Son of God we find.

Perfection, uniqueness; when to walk in and out.

To walk His way; what Christianity is about.

Your walk and my walk; what is it like?

Seven different walks in Ephesians to light.

The Gospel of John divided in three parts;

Miracle work; the miracles in John at the start.

Then to be teacher, as the scriptures come alive;

Then the Victor; it is finished; from the Cross as he cries.

The serpent lifted up; so must the son of man

The sharing of the Lamb; God’s word to understand

The temple torn down; in three days it arose.

That is the Gospel as His story unfolds.

On his Journey to Samarian obediently did go

Weary, yet focused, on every living soul

Don’t lose the wisdom to speak to the lost

Christ’s finished work, He paid the cost.

If you light a fire people will come and stare

Be hot for Christ; no other passion can compare.

The Good Shepherd lays down his life for his own.

Every single detail about you, to the Lord Jesus; it is known.

Look at Zacchaeus up in the tree.

The LORD knew his name; between the Branches he could see.

Every one of his sheep are all valuable, the same.

He laid down his life, for our eternity to gain.

Washing the disciples’ feet; the perfect servant shines though

He restores and cleanses. The Gospel is true.


Pictures of Christ

Pictures of Christ

By David Smith September 16, 2008

Like a cross word puzzle, the Word of the LORD

Stories at face value, comprehension has soared

And then, the CROSS, as each story we can see

The way of the Saviour, how thy Word can be

Christ in each verse, in the shadows it speaks

Searching the Scriptures to the CROSS for a peek

Author and finisher of the faith so clear

A type of Christ in each story we can hear

Growing in Christ, the key verse, a common theme

A deeper understanding of what Salvation does mean

Look at God’s Word, what history has said

Then to the future When Christ is the head

With all power and might, the King of kings

He holds the future and what eternity brings.

Just like a crossword as words zigzag and fit

Christ is the answer, Thy lamp is lit.