Killing Time

Killing Time

By David Smith January 11, 2010

Killing Time so sad to hear

A precious commodity to hold so dear

Killing time, we hear it a lot.

From Dawn to Dusk a day we got.

And when we wait

A second appears so long.

Let’s sharpen our axe; get into God’s Psalms.

Meditate on his word and chew the cud.

Thy word believed; Power from above.

Killing time; a life slowly fades.

Eternal riches; WE can have it made.

Killing time; meditate on His Word.

Life lived His way, we can be re-assured.




By David Smith January 11, 2010

Knit one pearl in reverse.

Follow the pattern, the blueprint comes first.

Just like the scripture, the pattern the Cross;

All scripture related, his love comes across.

Study the pattern, the candlesticks so grand;

The light of Christ, a fitting we can understand.

The tapestry, the linen, the golden sticks.

The whipping of the oil, as Christ’s suffering hits.

Knit one and pearl in reverse

Patterns in scriptures; Faith alone needs to come first.

Then the pattern as Christ is known;

Searching His word, His love is shown.