The First Five Books

The First Five Books

By David Smith February 3, 2010

The First Five Books (Click in Red, the Bible Poet Speaks)

The First Five Books have a story to tell.

Christ shinning through; the foundation to dwell.

The twelve tribes of Israel; the tabernacle and the Law;

Moses leading the people;

The Promised Land; hear the call!

From the First Five Books

To the New Testament we scan;

Christ in All the Scripture;

As we view the fall of man;

As the serpent was lifted up;

So must the Son of God;

Through His righteousness alone;

And His work we applaud;

Everything points to the Old Rugged Tree;

To save a lost soul; He was crucified for me.

Make it personal; the finished work of the Cross.

For my sinful nature; he paid the ultimate cost.

Looking at the scripture from Revelation and back;

The first five books; lays the foundation of the track.

All in all; through the scripture we read.

The Blood of Christ, the sacrifice His deed;

That is the Gospel, the Good News we are told.

A relationship with Christ for eternity to unfold.


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