One hundred Per cent Man and One Hundred Per cent God

One hundred Per cent Man and One hundred Per cent God

By David Smith February 5, 2010

One Hundred Per Cent Man and One Hundred Percent God (Click on Red for Voice of the Bible Poet)

One hundred per cent man and one hundred per cent God

Our LORD and Saviour, His finished work we can applaud.

One hundred per cent God and one hundred percent man

A concept that is difficult for students to understand.

Put it in practice, when we live with our mate.

A hundred per cent effort for a marriage is at stake.

You cannot meet a spouse only half way there.

It’s all and nothing and everything to share.

The bride and His church, marriage is grand.

That is the pattern

On Christ’s righteousness to stand;

One hundred per cent to give to my wife;

To nourish a marriage with stability in life;

Study the pattern as the Lord is king.

Clothed in His righteousness in everything.


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