Salvation: No bones about it

Salvation: No bones about it

By David Smith February 14, 2008

Salvation No Bones about It (Click in Red for  Voice of the Bible Poet)

He keepeth all his bones not one of them is broken

I think of the speaker, so dramatically, had spoken

He spoke of Christ, the cross, as he cried

His bones were not broken because His body had died

The two malefactors had their arms and legs broke

To ensure they were dead, the speaker had spoke

A verse in Psalm Thirty four touched my heart

Thinking of the LORD, on the Cross, did his part

Now that I’m saved, the Gospel believed

To give, and to preach since eternal life is received

Not by works we have done

For he did it all

On the cross it is finished the preacher did call

So now we’re in Christ, what needs to be done?

Salvation complete as we focus on the Son

Knowing He’s LORD and following by His way

Obedience to His word and continually pray

Once we are saved we work because of our faith

The Cross it was finished

He did it all so great

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