The Mirror Image of Christ

The Mirror Image of Christ

The Mirror Image of Christ (click here for voice of The Bible Poet)

By David Smith August 26, 2008

The mirror image, fascination to see

As it reflects, and distorts so wonderfully.

And as Christians mirror Christ;

The image is grand;

Yet there are distortions

We don’t quite understand.

We are the image; He is the real thing.

To reflect His truth in everything.

We are the clay as we mould to His Word.

That is the reflection. Our distortion is absurd.

Staring at Christ; His word we reflect;

Every detail to observe, not to neglect.

We don’t come close to His perfect light.

Saved by His grace

We reflect somewhat right.

We’re not the real thing,

But His word we reflect.

There’s still the distortion,

From our self-will that we get.


Christ is the Story

Christ is the Story (click here for voice of The Bible Poet)

Christ is the Story

By David Smith November 17, 2009

Religion is not a title; nor the passport to heaven;

Not puffed up or boastful; but as the bread unleaven;

Faith is the answer in a person of the Christ.

Who suffered and bled on a cross to suffice.

He spent it all. Paid the ransom so clear;

By the shedding of blood; for my forgiveness here.

Customs and religion will not save us from sin.

The finished work of the cross; Let faith begin.

A relationship with Christ; He is the story.

Religion is not a title; nor passport to glory.

He is the Door, the only way.

The empty tomb made it clear, when he arose on the First Day.

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It has been interesting to me that a number of religious post have failed to recognized that one does not earn their way into heaven…the ticket has already been purchased…thanks for this.

A Memorial Service

A Memorial Service

By David Smith March 10, 2010

A Memoral Service (click here for voice of the Bible Poet)

A Memorial Service, grief fills the place;

Emotional strain in voice and in face;

Loss of loved ones;

The vacuum is fresh.

Words of comfort; and grief would mesh.

The candles were lit; the memories flashed;

Words were spoken and tears were splashed.

Words of little comfort; to only believe;

The Words of the LORD; a relationship to conceive;

To be born again; to have Christ in the heart;

The author and finisher as we do our part.

Only believe, the works will follow;

To grow in faith is more than being hollow.

Salvation by faith; to be accepted as his own;

Then its obedience, His seed is sown.

You can’t work your way to the Kingdom of God

It is a free gift; on His word we applaud.

Words are of little comfort to an unbeliever’s ear

Christ is the way; eternal life without fear.