Christ is the Story

Christ is the Story (click here for voice of The Bible Poet)

Christ is the Story

By David Smith November 17, 2009

Religion is not a title; nor the passport to heaven;

Not puffed up or boastful; but as the bread unleaven;

Faith is the answer in a person of the Christ.

Who suffered and bled on a cross to suffice.

He spent it all. Paid the ransom so clear;

By the shedding of blood; for my forgiveness here.

Customs and religion will not save us from sin.

The finished work of the cross; Let faith begin.

A relationship with Christ; He is the story.

Religion is not a title; nor passport to glory.

He is the Door, the only way.

The empty tomb made it clear, when he arose on the First Day.

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It has been interesting to me that a number of religious post have failed to recognized that one does not earn their way into heaven…the ticket has already been purchased…thanks for this.

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