Can you Tell

Can you Tell

By David Smith October 3, 2007

Can you tell we are Christians by our love and care?

Even the atheists, their good times and pleasures they share

Can you tell we are Christians by our genuine love?

Wars in the name of Christianity we shove

Can you tell we are Christians by obedience to His Word?

The world thinks our walk is utterly absurd

Can you tell we are Christians as we feed the New Man?

That’s where we are mocked on biblical principles we stand

Can you tell we are Christians as the gospel we hear?

Over and over so vivid and clear

Can you tell we’re of God as friends slip away?

They believe we are weak as we humbly pray

Can you tell we’re in Christ when He died for me?

To admit I’m a sinner and Christ paid the fee

Can you tell we are Christians by the inner heart?

The Book of Life, where Christ did his part

He did it all. It is finished he cried

He cleansed a soul;  in Him to abide

Nothing I’ve done; but he holds the keys

He is the door; so get down on your knees

Any other entrance we are as thieves in the night

He is the way, the truth and the life

Can you tell we’re in Christ as He views the soul?

The Prince of this World; great leaders on a roll

Let’s examine our hearts; and who we really impress

An awesome God; or a worldly mess


Ministry Meeting Hit us Hard

Ministry meeting hit us hard.

By David Smith April 11, 2010

Ministry meeting hit us hard(Click for voice of the Bible Poet)

Text from Luke 5:2 to 11; Mark 1:16 to 18; Matt 4: 12 to 22; Mark 16 1 to 18

From Matthew, Mark and Luke he jarred.

The Perfect Servant from Mark was scarred.

Obedience to God’s holy word;

The Perfect Servant reassured;

It’s nice to have ability; but Availability keep in store;

To be obedient to His Word, the Perfect Servant, we adore;

We may be too big for God with puffed up pride

But not too small, in humility to abide;

He takes up dust and uses it for His glory;

Our weakness becomes God’s mighty story.

Let go of self, the disciples learned;

And copy Christ was their concern.

To catch fish the nets were used;

Disciples of Christ, the pattern was fused.

Fishermen kept their nets so clean.

The Word of God gives us a sheen.

Mending nets, and what a mother would do;

To keep clothes functioning for her family so true;

Keep mending our ways by His Holy Word;

Meditate on Scripture to be reassured.

Changing tides can damage fishermen’s nets.

Through our struggles temptation sets;

Listen to instructions to Thy Word and Obey

That’s from the Ministry Meeting on this fine day.

The Word of God

The Word of God

By David Smith April 10, 2010

The Word of God ( Click here for voice of the Bible Poet)

Inspired by Text from Acts 19: 8 and 9

“And he went into the synagogue, and spake boldly for the space of three months, disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God. But when divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of that way before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the disciples, disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus.”

The Word of God falls on listening ears so grand;

Some may reject it, and don’t want to understand.

It hardens the heart; the Word cannot penetrate within

Closed ears continue, some live in thoughtlessness and sin.

The Word of the LORD can act like the anvil of life.

It can break the self-will and save a soul tonight.

There is a change, to be born anew.

The Word of the LORD, a child of God, that grew.

To hunger and thirst for righteousness in His name.

Follow HIS example: living HIS way we are not the same.

Attitude toward the Word of God;

A relationship with Christ; a new birth we can applaud.

Age to Reflect

Age to Reflect

By David Smith April 2, 2010

Age to Reflect (Click in Red, to hear the voice of the Bible Poet)

As I went in for a coffee, a man asked me my age;

Gave him a number, got figures to engage;

Two years older, when he did the math

Time keeps ticking, getting closer to God’s wrath;

The judgment, the eternity, so knock on Christ’s door.

To know Christ as Saviour; to avoid what is in store.

Not what we have done, but Christ did it all.

My sinful nature; answer his call.

He’s calling the sinner, the lost sheep and lost son.

And searching for the coin, the misplaced valuable one.

Searching for his bride; to be clothed in his righteousness.

He paid the price, for my sin and selfishness.

He did it all and time ticking away

Will you be ready for your judgment day?

Remember your age; let the seconds roll;

By faith alone, a risen Saviour paid the toll.

That is the Gospel, the good news to proclaim;

Christ carried my sin and bore all the blame.

Thanks be to the Cross and the empty tomb;

A risen LORD, for eternity to bloom.