Age to Reflect

Age to Reflect

By David Smith April 2, 2010

Age to Reflect (Click in Red, to hear the voice of the Bible Poet)

As I went in for a coffee, a man asked me my age;

Gave him a number, got figures to engage;

Two years older, when he did the math

Time keeps ticking, getting closer to God’s wrath;

The judgment, the eternity, so knock on Christ’s door.

To know Christ as Saviour; to avoid what is in store.

Not what we have done, but Christ did it all.

My sinful nature; answer his call.

He’s calling the sinner, the lost sheep and lost son.

And searching for the coin, the misplaced valuable one.

Searching for his bride; to be clothed in his righteousness.

He paid the price, for my sin and selfishness.

He did it all and time ticking away

Will you be ready for your judgment day?

Remember your age; let the seconds roll;

By faith alone, a risen Saviour paid the toll.

That is the Gospel, the good news to proclaim;

Christ carried my sin and bore all the blame.

Thanks be to the Cross and the empty tomb;

A risen LORD, for eternity to bloom.

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