Ministry Meeting Hit us Hard

Ministry meeting hit us hard.

By David Smith April 11, 2010

Ministry meeting hit us hard(Click for voice of the Bible Poet)

Text from Luke 5:2 to 11; Mark 1:16 to 18; Matt 4: 12 to 22; Mark 16 1 to 18

From Matthew, Mark and Luke he jarred.

The Perfect Servant from Mark was scarred.

Obedience to God’s holy word;

The Perfect Servant reassured;

It’s nice to have ability; but Availability keep in store;

To be obedient to His Word, the Perfect Servant, we adore;

We may be too big for God with puffed up pride

But not too small, in humility to abide;

He takes up dust and uses it for His glory;

Our weakness becomes God’s mighty story.

Let go of self, the disciples learned;

And copy Christ was their concern.

To catch fish the nets were used;

Disciples of Christ, the pattern was fused.

Fishermen kept their nets so clean.

The Word of God gives us a sheen.

Mending nets, and what a mother would do;

To keep clothes functioning for her family so true;

Keep mending our ways by His Holy Word;

Meditate on Scripture to be reassured.

Changing tides can damage fishermen’s nets.

Through our struggles temptation sets;

Listen to instructions to Thy Word and Obey

That’s from the Ministry Meeting on this fine day.

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