The Living Water

The living water

May 30, 2010 by David Smith

The children’s story came to light;

As a man spoke of what it important in our daily life;

From computer games to gadgets the students had a say;

On what is important on this fine Lord’s Day.

And needs changed; as in famine we come to know;

And Water and thirst as new desires start to grow.

The students taste the water in bottles at the front.

One was dry and empty; a vacuum that we shunt.

One was full of water and the salt applied;

Would not satisfy a thirst, our bodies would have died.

One was full of pepper to symbolize the sin;

The pleasures of the world and how Satan can entre in.

One was clear as water but vinegar was inside.

Think of the bitter water that God purified.

Then to think of Christ, the well will not go dry.

O the living water, his word to satisfy.

The pleasures of the Lord satisfy the taste;

O to hear the story; filled by his loving grace.

One thought on “The Living Water

  1. hi david..i am glad that you put this poem in here.
    you have made it exactly as shawn told the story and put the exact same verses from the bible in here in simile form.
    it is a very very good poem and that is exactly why i think that you should put it and your other great poems in a book.
    you know david, you are so generous copying then out and printing them for so many people, but how easy it is to lose track of single pieces of paper. i for one am so bad at filing them to a safe place…so you had better make that book david…

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