The Bugle Cry

The Bugle Cry

By David Smith June 26, 2010

Eyes fill with tears to hear the sound;

The bugle cry from all around;

The cold tombstones, the shiver up the spine;

Life is taken in a war that we find.

The sting of death, from a bugle, the call;

The emptiness, the vacuum, like an echoing hall;

Feeling the emotion, of soldiers in their prime;

The loss of life; where to find peace of mind?

To know life lives after death, reveille is heard;

A wakeup call; new life reassured;

Being born again of incorruptible seed;

To have Christ within, he paid the deed.

O what a joy to have sins forgiven;

My sinful nature, through Christ to be liven;

The comforter, the Holy Spirit, to not be alone

The finished work of the Cross; my redeemer, to own

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