Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Worship in Spirit and Truth

By David Smith September 11, 2010

The hour cometh and now is

Spirit and in truth, our worship is His

In the Old Testament everything was brought;

A sacrifice, the lamb, to serve was taught.

A building of brick, mortar and stone;

A physical sacrifice, works to own;

Things were brought in Testament of Old;

To be Born Again, the New Testament unfolds;

In Spirit and in Truth, a new covenant, we are taught;

Christ paid the fee, The Saviour was brought;

So we can become the Living Stones;

A building in Spirit and in Truth He owns

A change in Worship to the First Day of the week;

The Light of the World to search and to seek;

That’s the transition after the Old Rugged Tree.

Our Sins are forgiven on Calvary.


Wages for a Penny a Day

Wages for a Penny a Day

Inspired by Matthew 20: 1 to 16

By David Smith September 2, 2010

Labour Day weekend, Labour in the field;

For a penny a day; a fair wage to yield.

The first group negotiated for the early rise;

A penny for wages; start at sunrise.

The progressing day; landowner required more labour

Went to the Market for hired hands to savour;

He made the decision; a fair wage they would get;

As HE sees what’s right; they agreed to it yet.

At the end of the day payment was due;

From the last to the first a penny for YOU;

Some worked the whole day and complained in their heart;

The landowner explained they agreed was their part.

The others that worked got the same daily pay

Regardless how small the fraction of the day;

God is sovereign be careful when bargaining with Him;

By his saving grace we can entre in;

The first group negotiated under the law they abide;

Works for the wages, labour on their side.

Throughout the day the owner set the price;

That is God’s grace that is all so nice.

The last shall be first; and the first shall be last

God decides whom he will blast;

Wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life.

Have you a relationship with Christ tonight?