Wages for a Penny a Day

Wages for a Penny a Day

Inspired by Matthew 20: 1 to 16

By David Smith September 2, 2010

Labour Day weekend, Labour in the field;

For a penny a day; a fair wage to yield.

The first group negotiated for the early rise;

A penny for wages; start at sunrise.

The progressing day; landowner required more labour

Went to the Market for hired hands to savour;

He made the decision; a fair wage they would get;

As HE sees what’s right; they agreed to it yet.

At the end of the day payment was due;

From the last to the first a penny for YOU;

Some worked the whole day and complained in their heart;

The landowner explained they agreed was their part.

The others that worked got the same daily pay

Regardless how small the fraction of the day;

God is sovereign be careful when bargaining with Him;

By his saving grace we can entre in;

The first group negotiated under the law they abide;

Works for the wages, labour on their side.

Throughout the day the owner set the price;

That is God’s grace that is all so nice.

The last shall be first; and the first shall be last

God decides whom he will blast;

Wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life.

Have you a relationship with Christ tonight?

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