A Study in Galatians

A Study from Galatians

By David Smith October 31, 2010

The law amplifies we are sinners and through Christ we are free;

Galatians the turning point, from works to faith for me;

Peter was to be blamed for his obedience of the law;

Paul pointed it out, works is our greatest flaw.

The law, the pomp and ceremony, and circumcision, just and true;

A sheet came down from heaven yet Peter went back to what he knew;

Paul amplified the vision; Christ is the focus still;

On the Cross of Calvary the Old Covenant the Cross did kill;

Traditions, they had sacrifices and festivals in hand;

Justified by faith alone gets us to the Promised Land.

Not by what we have done, but by the finished work of the cross.

Is crystal clear in Galatians how Faith alone comes across.

Through love and sound doctrine false teaching is put out

Faith in Christ alone, God’s authority, let it shout.

We all have personalities and as Christians we appear.

Keep eyes and ears on Christ and let flaws disappear.

Got that from the study as Galatians hit a nerve;

Taking God’s word personally to learn how to serve.


Inspired at Breaking of Bread Service

Inspired at Breaking of bread service

October 24, 2010


Psalm 116:1 I LOVE the LORD,…

John 11:1 to 4 NOW a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, and the town of Mary and her sister Martha. (It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.) Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.


Three times the LORD asked Peter

Do you love me? Do you love?

Peter denied and shoved.

Love in the shepherd’s heart has to be there;

To feed the sheep with love and sincerely care;

A Christian home is not exempt

From death, bereavement and need;

God allows circumstances to pass,

On faith alone to feed.

Lazarus body decomposed and then was raised in might

A sickness not unto death,

But through eternal life.

Saviour is LORD of the resurrection;

And Christ takes the sting of death.

That is the power expressed today;

His love our greatest wealth.

God so loved the world, examples in scripture are seen;

To only believe with thine own heart

Christ as always been;

The Alpha and Omega

Eternity past and present

Be constantly in God’s love

Peace so rich and pleasant.

Inspired by Wednesday Night Bible Study

Inspired by Wednesday Night Bible Study

By David Smith October 13, 2010

Paul was telling the truth. They viewed it as a sect.

It is the Gospel, the prophets, the law they truly reject.

They rejected it with Stephen and Paul followed suit.

And even the LORD Jesus, blameless, got the boot.

And even through the Acts, religion is in vain.

And it is Christ alone; the door eternal gain.

Everything points to the old rugged tree.

The deceit of man is well beyond me.

It’s nothing that we have done; but the finished work of the Cross.

To only be forgiven, how the Christian comes across.

There are persecutions, the martyrs of the Saints;

And a wicked heart, what the scripture clearly paints.

Be Humble to See the Light

Be Humble to see the Light

By David Smith October 11, 2010


Be ever so humble to come to the LORD

His hands and his feet scarred on a board.

O the sacrifice, a Living Lord for me

Scarred in life for my sins to see.


As a firefighter sat waiting for a child

Face disfigured, natural beauty gone wild.

The child walks in and ran up stairs and cried;

From a disfigured man that had almost died.

He rescued her some few years ago

The infant child was saved, you know.


The firefighter scarred for life;

Saving an infant from death one night;

When she realized what his scars were for

She ran to the room through the kitchen door.

She lost her fear and to his side she flew;

Expressed her love; what joy she knew.


His face disfigured and scarred from burns;

For the love for child is what she learns;

Be so humble to come to the Cross

Scars on His hands and His feet, truly come across


O the sacrifice of a Living Lord for me;

Disfigured in life for my Sin, you see

From a Gospel Meeting one Sunday Night

O the joy to see the light.

Inspired by Last Chaper of the Book of Acts

Inspired by Last Chapter of the Book of Acts

By David Smith October 10, 2010

Text Acts 28 Inspired by Wednesday Night Bible Study

The lessons are there in the book of the Acts.

All through the book; the gospel highlights the facts.

The taste of the viper as it clutches unto Paul;

God in our lives; Thy word says it all.

The ship ripped apart; but all was not lost;

Faith of the crew, Christ’s Finished Work comes across,

The Gospel is genuine and Christ paid with his blood;

Faith in the LORD; Salvation from the flood

When King Herod tried to take part of the glory;

King Herod overcame with worms; but that’s another story.

God did it all. Not by chance we can see.

What God as done for you and for me.

Luke had no time to study and take notes

The Bible written by God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost;

All the experiences, in the Scriptures are real.

Rock of Salvation, What strength to feel!