Inspired by Last Chaper of the Book of Acts

Inspired by Last Chapter of the Book of Acts

By David Smith October 10, 2010

Text Acts 28 Inspired by Wednesday Night Bible Study

The lessons are there in the book of the Acts.

All through the book; the gospel highlights the facts.

The taste of the viper as it clutches unto Paul;

God in our lives; Thy word says it all.

The ship ripped apart; but all was not lost;

Faith of the crew, Christ’s Finished Work comes across,

The Gospel is genuine and Christ paid with his blood;

Faith in the LORD; Salvation from the flood

When King Herod tried to take part of the glory;

King Herod overcame with worms; but that’s another story.

God did it all. Not by chance we can see.

What God as done for you and for me.

Luke had no time to study and take notes

The Bible written by God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost;

All the experiences, in the Scriptures are real.

Rock of Salvation, What strength to feel!

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